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This is the exact knife i use on my Survival Beast YouTube channel. Made from high carbon steel, this blade has been hand forged for extreme sharpness and durability. It is *not stainless* So i recommend to add rust proofing especially in Saltwater uses. There is many methods of rust proofing and can be found searching on google or YouTube. Though the benefit of high carbon steel is the blade is sharper and will stay sharp for longer, and also is easier to sharpen than stainless.


Total length 240mm/24cm
Blade length 120mm/12cm
Blade width 42mm/4.2cm
Blade thickness 4mm/0.4cm

- Forged High Carbon Steel
- Extremely Sharp
- Stays sharper than stainless
- Easy to sharpen
- Sonokling root handle
- Cowhide blade case
- Belt strap support

Bush craft, Survival, Catch and Cook, Fishing Knife, Deba Knife, Hunting Knife

*Warning use with extreme caution - any injures incurred by user is no one else's fault but their own. I am not held responsible for "any" incidents that may occur with the use of this knife*